Ambassadors of Price Of Wisdom

Although we consider anybody who wants to be a part of POW.ART an ambassador, the people down below actually signed their names to the cause of POW.ART's mission statement and by being an ambassador on paper it means to represent Price of Wisdom and as well as Price of Wisdom represents them. The ambassadors will continue to evolve with this site, As well as POW.ART evolving with the ambassadors.

please be safe and be inspired.

Being an ambassador means being yourself, being alive.

representing POW.ART with your Art, if you choose to.

Us representing you.

The organization will back up all of our ambassadors.

That's just one way we can help each other get better

besides getting better.

Because POW.ART is a strictly no social media mediums

we rely on

word of mouth


and posted art

created by ambassadors

For recognition

everything else will just be life lived