Co Founder- Ok Waleed

My name is Waldemar Jahariel Brodhurst, I go by either Walde, Waleed, or Tarzan. I am the co-founder of Price of Wisdom. Starting this organization with just me and my wife, and hopefully, it continues with more newcomers. I currently have a bachelor's degree in Human Services Leadership, I plan on going back to school just not sure what area I will go towards probably culinary. I am a veteran of the United States AirForce. I realized the prison we have created in our mentality is the one we need to free ourselves from, which I believe can be done through the realization of being alive, art, and permaculture. I do not want to be rich, I want to see everyone else get successful and then they give me a dollar every now and then as a gift. Besides that, due to my military retirement, I am satisfied with living within my means. As long as my bills are paid and I can write poetry, eat food, and play video games, then I can care less about that green paper. I tell you all this so you can get the idea of who I am yet honestly you just have to believe me that most importantly I am human

(can that be our common foundation towards mutual benefit.)

I decided to start this entire organization because I got bored of retirement that was due to depression and other slurs of mental health. So as I got back out to the work field and tried a couple of jobs that I "felt" was right for me. It wasn't right for me. So I decided I do not want to work for anybody else anymore besides myself.

Yet here I am trying to work, for the world.

Below is a couple of pictures of me when I was 12 years old when I was living in St. Croix, Virgin Islands at the time. Don't be alarmed! I'm still alive typing this and I still continue to want to do whatever I want to do as long as it doesn't jeopardize the safety of any living organism. I will also leave my resume down below use it as a template if you want but I am doing this so you can see what jobs see when they see me. Yet we are more than just resumes, we are individuals with so much capacity and depth that I can't even sum it up in a sentence. Anyways, when you decide to contact me, I first ask you to remove the hate from your mind and heart and let us be open to any possibility to make dreams come true. Thank you, without you, there is no me, and without me, there isn't me so yeah, thanks. Once I become a foster parent I will let this internet go, I will like to also put my Islamic faith into more practice.

Waldemar Brodhurst

Adaptable well-rounded individual aiming to leverage academic and real-life experience to successfully fill the role at your company. Frequently praised as proactive by employers, peers and instructors alike, and can be relied upon to help an organization in need.


University of Arizona

Bachelor’s Degree of Science: Human Services Leadership


Co-Founder of INGO NON-PROFIT- Price of Wisdom (

Behavioral Staff --- Cross Roads Academy - Ogden, Utah (10/2021-12/2021)

Medical Marijuana Cultivator - True North Ogden – Brigham City, Utah(09/2021 – 10/2021)

Airman - United States Air Force – (06/2018 - 04/2021)

Team Member - Lowe's Distribution – Statesville, NC (04/2017 - 05/2018)


Communications skills

Administrative learning



(Transcript available upon request)


Employee relations

Microsoft office savvy

Employee engagement skills

People analytics

Conflict resolution


Talent acquisition

Able to work independently and a part of a diverse team