What are some places you can directly use in your area to better improve your mental health and lifestyle?


every saturday uhh morning and afternoon

  • The Marshall White Center This community rec center is only looking to grow and expand the name based off the loss of a police officer of the community. The Marshall White Center is an community recreation center owned and operated by Ogden City. The center is a low cost option for numerous programs, classes, activities, events and resources to the community. I currently want to start my pickleball adventures, while playing basketball right after. Also it is 100% free for Veterans to get in and sign up I believe everyone else is whatever their prices are.

  • Weber County Library is an excellent place to host meetings for FREE. Check out books, equipment, movies all for FREE. Also signing up for a library card is FREE. The wonderful people here is something you can't put a price on, always willing to help when needed. Thank You! There is also always tons of stuff going on like Yoga class, Art classes and I think Karate. Either way it's free! We signed up for our first Charcoal class today at 7 pm.

Update: Art Class Was Awsome!

  • Eccles Art Center is another great resource in the Ogden area, located in a beautiful mansion on Jefferson Ave. Not only is it free to come in and view all the art they have displayed, but they also offer monthly art contests you can enter, and host events and classes for the public, there's something for everyone from ages 2-200.

  • Lavender Vinyl probably one of my reasons for going broke is this music record shop. Yet they do such a good job that I won't even complain. This store definitly is more than just about making money off vinyls. The owner-run store located on 25th street Ogden is incredible when it comes to being accessible for people to listen to music before they want to buy and always willing to help when you have a album you can't find. Incredible store for music enthusiasts and artists that want to connect.


The store owners let us put art boxes we created for our community in Lavender Vinyl

I would say that makes us offical partners


  • The Monarch is one of our personal favorite hangout spots in Ogden, as they have free-to -view art displays set up, as well as studio spaces that local artists rent out and work in. There are lounges sprinkled throughout as well as a cafe attached to the side, so you can hang out and fuel your creativity with as much coffee as you need! It is a wonderful area to meet if you are doing any low-key events (like Philosophical discussion meetups *cough* POW *cough*) and want an inspiring creative atmosphere.

  • Ocean Mart recently just opened up another store in Ogden, we typically go to the one in Roy. Still all the same lovely people and goods as well. Although this isn't another art place, the food itself is art alone. Ranging from South Korean to Hawaiian food as takeout and they even have a new tea spot (Roy location). So this place is more than just a super market.

Some website resources where you can keep in the know about local events