Philosophy of Life

Pick a topic from down below.

Think of it as a self-free release

Then start the conversation

No judgment

Just experience and honesty

Every human is welcomed

Anonymousness is accepted

Any form of communication is accepted

No hate or evil will be tolerated.

Thank you, for staying alive, it's hard... but thank you.

Not sure what to say?

Say how you feel.

What do you think.

What you have learned.

What you have been influenced by.

What you have been conditioned by.

Tell us who you are and what you believe.

Come up with questions.

Every question has an answer.

What are your questions? What are your answers?

What can we can accomplish when we think together.

Price of Wisdom,

is strictly a

non-social media

international non-governmental organization

If you see any representation of POW.ART

on any platform

it is with consent

of whoever decided to put it there.

We only run POW.ART through this website (

and word of mouth.

anybody can join POW.ART

the only qualification is that you are breathing

everything else we will figure out and walk through together.

So if you need anything contact us

comment on a page

either way


do not forge and destroy

the mission

we have out together

for the sake of our community

and future

Thank you.

Ambassadors for Price of Wisdom

  • Waldemar J. Brodhurst (Utah, USA)

  • Adrian V. Price (Utah, USA)

  • Andrew M. Delahoussaye (Florida, USA)

  • Daniel Santana (Florida, USA)

  • Moka (Sweden, Europe)

  • Sahri M. Antasari (Indonesia)

  • Elijah Winfield (South Carolina-Florida, USA)

  • Jordan Midder (Baltimore-Florida, USA)

  • Jacob Dylan

  • West (Utah, USA)

  • Carla Strange (North Carolina, USA)

  • Marc K. Amin (Georgia, USA)

  • Gallery Boom LLC (Washington, USA)

  • Kamron Houston (Georgia, USA)

  • Nic Geanta (Utah, USA)

  • Jae Skinner (Germany, Europe)

  • illWill (California, USA)

  • Dewayne Wright (North Carolina, USA)