Philosophy of Humanity

Pick a topic from down below. 

Think of it as a self-free release 

Then start the conversation

With yourself 

With others

No judgment 

Just experience and honesty

Every human is welcomed

Create thoughts

Find truth within

Thank you, for staying alive...

Not sure what to think

Say how you feel. 

What you have learned? 

What have you been influenced by? 

How have you been conditioned? 

Who you are and what do you believe? 

What are your questions? What are your answers? 

What can we accomplish when we think together?

Price of Wisdom

is strictly

non-social media

international non-governmental organization

If you see any representation of POW.AR

on any platform 

it is with consent 

of whoever decided to put it there. 

We only run POW.ART through this website (

and word of mouth

anybody can join POW.ART

the only qualification is that you are breathing 

everything else we will figure out and walk through together


do not forge and destroy 

the goals 

we have put together 

for the sake of our communities 

and future

 Thank you.