"Yesterday, it rained" (2022, 12 min; upcoming)

"The narration of a letter which consists of themes such as the passing of time, the unexpectedness of life, the fear of death, and the fear of change".

"Absence of Color." (2022, 75 min; upcoming)

"Told through a series of memories, poems, photos, and hallucinations, 'Absence of Color' is an exploration of a young man's psyche, in a world where 99.9% of the population suffers from Monochromacy".

"And So, It Goes" (2021, 12 min) 

"After months of no communication between each other, a young woman reaches out to her past lover, in hopes of developing a friendship".

"Time Waits For No Man" (2021, 11 min) 

"Time seems to be running out for two separate souls".