"you are alive" 

the quote in the logo for www.priceofwisdom.art organization. 

we begin with the conscious awareness of being alive 

what it means to be alive. 

you can be 96 years old or 9 years old 

once you have gained the consciousness of being alive

how you think has changed. 

The logo was inspired by the POW.MIA military organization 

(The National League of Families) 

but www.priceofwisdom.art is ANTI-WAR. 

with respects to the original piece


has no affiliation with this organization and 

does not work with them or 

any military affiliation at all. 

we guess we must mention the 8-ball as well, 

we have no affiliation with pool. 

we believe in thought, love, and nature. 

the wreath of food to show abundance

"you are alive" the beginning of consciousness 

the dreadheaded man looking forward, symbolizing looking into the future